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Places Near By Kolhapur


Mahalakshmi temple kolhapur

The Shri Mahalakshmi (AmbaBai) Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India, is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas listed in various puranas of Hinduism. The temple is of special religious significance and is considered to be a place where Shakti (goddess of empowerment) manifests and as one of only six sacred houses of Shakti where worshipers can either be freed from or granted their longings.


Jyotiba temple kolhapur

Jyotiba Temple is a holy site of Hinduism near Wadi Ratnagiri in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state in western India. The deity of the temple is known by the same name, and is held by the locals to be an incarnation of three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, and Jamadagni. An annual fair takes place on the full moon night of the Hindu months of Chaitra and Vaishakha.


Siddhagiri museum kolhapur

This delightful museum is situated in the Siddhagiri Math in Kaneri, Dist. Kolhapur, 4 kms off the Pune-Bangalore National Highway (AH 17). The Math has a history that dates back to 1200 years and is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva. The Math is in sylvan surroundings that have an abundance of flora and some fauna.


New palace museum kolhapur

The New Palace is also known as Shahu Palace constructed between 1877–1884. It is located in Bawada, Kolhapur. It built using black polished stone and it has been an attraction for tourists.The palace is blessed with extensive premises with a garden, fountain and wrestling ground. The whole building is eight-angled and has a tower in the


Rankala lake kolhapur

Situated within the Kolhapur town of Maharashtra, Rankala Lake may be a scenic lake that boasts of serene and tranquil surroundings. An unreal lake, it was made by maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati throughout his reign over the town. The lake is believed to be coupled directly with a well within the Panhala Fort.


Panhala fort kolhapur

Panhala or Panhalgarh, about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur, is presumably most vital|the biggest} and most important fort of the Deccan. Roughly triangular in shape, the Hillfort stands at a height of concerning 850 meters and contains a circumference of roughly 7.25kms. half of its length is protected by a natural scarp strengthened by a parapet wall and also